10 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

Since travel is such a huge part of our lifestyle and passion, it was only natural that I took a few trips during my pregnancy. This baby bump has been on 9 flights total in the last 9+ months. During my first trimester I was in Las Vegas (not really a pregnant woman's dream destination), second trimester I went to Arizona two different times, and third trimester I went to Maryland and then Florida. Each trimester my traveling experience was quite different, since each trimester you feel different from the others. Overall I'd say traveling while pregnant isn't too shabby, and I'd encourage any woman with a healthy pregnancy to continue with their travels and enjoy some adventure before your new baby enters the world. 

The toughest things I noticed during my pregnant travels was nausea in the first trimester, feeling exhausted easily in each trimester, and being an emotional mess in the third trimester. No joke when my husband dropped me off at the airport for me to leave for a two week trip without him in my 31st week of pregnancy, I was balling like a baby and was a total emotional wreck. Even though traveling while pregnant isn't always the easiest thing in the world, I'm so glad I took each of these trips. I created so many amazing memories with my baby boy in my tummy. Memories that I'll cherish forever. In my second trimester I got to walk stage with my husband at a business event and share our story in from of 10,000 people. At that same event I got to feel him kick up a storm while my favorite mentor spoke from that same stage (he seemed to love this guy as much as Nick and I do). Then just weeks later I got to share my story with a few hundred entrepreneurs during a 45 minute segment, feeling empowered and facing my fears of public speaking with my baby right there with me. Third trimester I got to take our son to the beach for the first time, relaxing by the stunning ocean in Maryland and then in Florida. I got to walk the entire board-walk that I grew up visiting with him in my belly. My grandparents who live in Maryland got to see my pregnant belly. My best friend who lives in New York, while we were in Florida she got to feel Giulian kick and she teared up with emotion. All of these memories are so special to me, to know that while I was growing our son we went on all kinds of little adventures together, and already have created so many memories as mommy and baby. One day I'll be able to tell him about everything we did together while he was growing in mommy's tummy. 

Memories were not the only thing created on those trips, travel tips were too. Each trip I took little notes in my phone every time I came across something that helped a ton during my "pregnant travels". Some of the tips were created from things I thought of prior to a trip that actually turned out to be helpful, and of course other tips were birthed by a "dang I should have done that differently" moment. Regardless, I think I've got ten tips that will help some pregnant ladies out with their travels! Lets get into it...

Las Vegas, Nevada 8 Weeks Pregnant

Las Vegas, Nevada 8 Weeks Pregnant

1.)Bring Healthy Snacks & Preggie Pops To Help With Nausea

When I was 8 weeks pregnant and we took a trip to Vegas, I had some difficulty with nausea. I luckily had a pretty smooth first trimester, I didn't get sick too often, but when nausea would hit it was no fun. Having healthy, high carb snacks on me at all times was such a big help. Every time I would get nauseous I would just snack on some crackers or something to help settle my tummy. Preggie Pops were also a huge help for nausea. 

2.)Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is always important. Make sure to bring extra water bottles with you on the airplane, since these days they are stingy about everything on flights and you don't need to ask the stewardess to keep refilling your tiny cup of water. 

3.)Protect Yourself Against Getting Sick

Being sick with a bad cold during pregnancy is not fun at all, trust me I know. I was sick about 5 times throughout my pregnancy. They say when you are pregnant your immune system is suppressed, which means you can catch things easily. To be proactive, when I traveled I would bring a ton of items that kept me from catching things. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and Kick Ass Immune Drops were my go to items for helping me to not get sick. 

Phoenix, Arizona 22 Weeks Pregnant

Phoenix, Arizona 22 Weeks Pregnant

Ocean City, Maryland 31 Weeks Pregnant

Ocean City, Maryland 31 Weeks Pregnant

4.)Allow Time For Rest

Pregnancy is no joke, you are creating a human, so of course you are going to get a bit more tired. You can balance rest and taking care of your body with fun and adventure while you travel. It's important to allow for some down time so you don't over do it and cause stress to your body and the baby. Aka don't be embarrassed to sneak off and take a nap. 

5.)Second Trimester Is The Best For Traveling

Most women experience a boost of energy during the second trimester, and that was true for me. I enjoyed my second trimester trips much more. The nausea was gone, I had a bit more energy and my belly had popped but wasn't so large to where I was extremely uncomfortable. The second trimester is from weeks 13-28, if you are taking a "baby-moon" that'd probably be the most ideal time to go. 

6.)Airline Regulations

Every airline is different of course, but most won't let you fly after you are 36 weeks pregnant. Check with your airline before booking tickets to make sure everything will be okay. 

7.)Request An Aisle Seat

It shouldn't be shocking news that pregnant women pee a lot, that's sorta a well known fact. The aisle seat is definitely  a good idea if you'd like to avoid dirty looks or grouchy neighbors. My flight home from Florida I got a window seat and had to ask the man and his daughter to get up multiple times on the 4 hour flight. Luckily they were super sweet, but I should have requested an isle seat just out of courtesy. 

8.)Pay To Check Bags If Traveling Alone

It is suggested that pregnant women don't lift things over 25 lbs, which I know not everyone agrees with, but that's what "they" suggest. Jut to be safe I personally think it's best if you check your bag if you are pregnant and traveling alone. If I am traveling with Nick, I have him help with my bags, but when I traveled alone I checked it just so I wouldn't get exhausted walking through the airport with a bunch of luggage. I usually use a duffel bag when I travel, but during pregnancy I switched to using luggage with wheels just to make it easier through the airport and everywhere else. When I was traveling alone, I asked someone to help me grab the luggage off of the carousel, the man who helped was super nice and said his wife is pregnant too so he totally understood. 

9.) Wear Comfy Clothes & Shoes

This one is especially important in the third trimester, but comfy clothes during pregnancy is key. There is no way I was about to rock heels in my third trimester during my trips. This doesn't mean I only wore yoga pants and sweats, I would wear jeans, cute tops and tons of maxi dresses, but they were all comfortable. Make sure to pick extremely comfortable outfits and shoes for your flights and travel days. 


10.)Listen To Your Body

I honestly think this is the most important thing a pregnant woman could do while traveling. Listen to your body, if you are feeling tired- sleep. If you are feeling dizzy- sit down, drink water and eat a snack. I'd also say listen to your gut feelings. For example, when I was in Miami, Florida my friends rented a yacht and were going to be out on the water all day. Of course it sounded like a blast, but I didn't want to risk being in the sun all day and overheating. I also didn't want to be in a situation where I could get a bunch of bug bites, with the whole Zika Virus thing. So I decided to stay at the house, take a stroll to the beach, read a book and just take that day to relax. At the end of the day, the health of you and your baby is most important and no adventure is worth putting that at risk. 


Miami, Florida 32 Weeks Pregnant

Miami, Florida 32 Weeks Pregnant

I hope these pregnancy travel tips helped you. I can't wait till our son is here and I can share tips on traveling with a baby! That'll be a few trips away before I can write any post like that, haha I've got a lot of trial and error to do before I'll be a "travel with a baby pro", but someday. If you've got awesome tips for traveling during pregnancy, comment below, I'd love to know! Thanks for reading, make sure to subscribe and stay connected. 



10 Instagram Accounts That Inspire Female Travelers

Instagram is one of my all time favorite social media platforms. I am such a visual person and I love the stories that can be told through images. I truly believe Instagram is one of the most inspirational places on social media. I go there for style/fashion inspiration, motivational quotes, blogging inspiration, home decor ideas, recipe ideas and of course my all time favorite thing to look at on Instagram is the travel photos. Taking creative travel photos has become such a huge part of our culture and the millennial generation. We all seem to love sharing our pics as we explore, travel and embark on new adventures. Well, at least I do. I love sharing my travels and adventures and I also love looking at everyone else's. Travel photos are beautiful, inspiring and give me bite from the travel bug. 

Of course, some Instagram accounts have more travel inspiration than others, and I truly think I follow some of the best! The Instagram accounts that I'm listing in this post are my all time favorite. I love scrolling through each of these IG feeds, following these women's travel journeys and getting inspired to travel more myself. I hope you enjoy the list of my favorite female travel Instagrammers, they genuinely are my favorite!


This has got to be one of the most creative IG accounts that I've come across. This girl carries a pink balloon around with her and the balloon is in all of her shots. She is living in Paris, so a lot of her photos are taken there. Her pictures are stunning and have a romantic, girly vibe to them. The only bummer about this account is that she speaks French, so I am unable to read most of her captions. Regardless, her photos tell a story in themselves and her account is worth following whether or not you speak French. 


I have watched this account go from medium/small to enormous! This girl's Instagram and her blog are one of my favorites. Kiersten, the girl behind The Blonde Abroad, is a full time travel blogger. She seems to travel a ton and I love following along on her adventures. Her photos are bright, colorful, girly, high quality and sprinkled with a bit of fashion/style inspiration too which I love. As I am writing this she is currently in Morocco, and now I just have to add it to my bucket list! Not only does her blog and IG account inspire me to travel more, but it also inspires me to stretch my creativity with my own blog. It inspires me to want to pursue blogging even harder, and push myself to be a more creative writer, photo taker and story teller. 


This account is a collection of photos that are shared from other people on Instagram. If you use the hashtag #passionpassport, you can be featured on their account which has over 800k+ followers. Passion Passport is more of a community of travel Instagrammers. It's a great way to find new travel accounts to follow. They only pick the best of the best photos to share, so the feed is always perfect and beautiful to scroll through. It's basically travel inspiration overload!


We Are Travel Girls is similar to Passion Passport in the sense that it's an account that shares other IG accounts photos when they use a certain hashtag. The hashtag to be featured by this account is #wearetravelgirls. It's basically a fabulous group of women sharing their love for travel wthin this little community on Instagram. This is the ultimate account to follow if you are looking for female travel inspiration. All of the photos are of women traveling the world. They are inspiring photos that make me grateful for travel and grateful to be a woman. I definetely hope to one day be featured by their account. #GOALS


Once again, this is an account that features other accounts. Their hashtag is #darlingescapes. This account reminds me so much of the We Are Travel Girls account. It features photos of women traveling. All of the photos are bright, colorful, girly and full of life. I notice that I am drawn to accounts that are brightly colored, that's totally my favorite style of IG account, especially with travel photos. I like for the blue ocean to pop in the photo! You'll notice my account is fairly similar in that way. 

Chase the fun. || 📷via @choosingchia || 📍Bali || #darlingescapes

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Another amazing community of female travelers. I can't get enough of accounts like this! 

🌎 @nomadicfare is Not Lost 🌎 in Page, Arizona #sheisnotlost

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This girl is quite the Instagrammer. Her photos are stunning and her adventures are inspiring to say the least. She definetely motivates me to get better at taking creative travel photos. Her account also includes amazing photos of food, drinks and outfit inspiration during her travels. 


I not only love her Instagram account, but I follow her and her husband's YouTube channel and blog too. This account is one of my favorites because they travel as a family. Hailey and her husband Brad have two little girls and they take them with them all over the world. That is what I want for my own family, so it's super inspiring to see a family making it happen and continuing to travel after children. I love how they include their kids in just about everything and keep their lives fun and active even with two kiddos. It's so inspiring. 


Obviously I am married, so I don't do a lot of solo travel. My #1 favorite travel buddy is my husband. This Instagram account is of a couple traveling together, I connect with them a ton since my spouse and I share a passion for travel. Their photos are stunning, the girl has super cute style, and overall their account just makes life look perfect. Very inspiring. 

• windmill views from inside a windmill ※

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This girl takes such stunning photos! They, like my other favorite accounts, have a very girly flair. She posts a lot of photos of her travels around Asia, Africa and Europe. Her account has a professional photographer vibe. She's super talented. 

Travelling with the little ones: it's not so bad trying to get the baby to sleep when you get to do it here.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you found some travel inspiration and maybe some new IG accounts to obsess over. Make sure to subscribe below for more travel posts and inspiration. 



Venice Italy | Caffè Florian, Piazza San Marco, Gondolas, The Bridge Of Sighs & More

For me, the destinations I love most are also the most difficult to blog about. It's because I feel there is so much pressure to paint a vivid picture of why the place is just so perfect and to try to put into words the experience I had there. Venice Italy is one of those places for me. Hence why it has taken me about 6+ months since traveling here to finally blog about it. I find it almost impossible to put into words the feeling I had, memories I made and joy I felt while we were in Venice Italy. I'm gonna do my best to share some stories with you on why I love Venice, but you've just got to take my word that no matter what I say or what you read on any travel blog, you just have to go there yourself and explore Venice with your own eyes. 

gondola ride in venice italy

We had the privilege of visiting Venice for the first time last August (2016). We spent three days and two nights there which course isn't enough but it gave us just enough time to get a feel for the city, see most the the sights we wanted to, and explore around with no agenda at times. Nick and I had been to Italy before, but Venice was not one of our stops during that trip. This trip, it was a city we felt we couldn't miss! Up until seeing Venice, we didn't think there was another Italian city that would wow us the way Rome did. We loved Florence, but didn't get the same wow feeling that we had with Rome, so we assumed Rome was just one of those cities that had our hearts and nothing could compete with it... until we visited Venice. From the moment we got off of the train and onto the water taxi that took us along The Grand Canal, we were in awe. We felt like we had stepped right into a stereotypical painting of the Venice canals and gondolas. Every square inch of this city is charming and worth painting a picture of. The thing I loved the most was how the buildings connected with the water as if people would walk out their front doors and the canals were the streets. Water was everywhere, and the buildings seemed to just flow right into it. 

The picture below is of the Rialto Bridge. This was one of the first big bridges we saw as we came into Venice. It is one of the most famous bridges in Venice. It's the oldest bridge that crosses the Grand Canal, and there are only four bridges that cross the Grand Canal in Venice. Of course during our stay we had some gelato while watching the gondolas pass under the bridge, a peaceful place to people watch. 

rialto bridge venice italy

We stayed on the actual island of Venice. I would absolutely recommend doing that. You won't find hotels on the island, but you can find an Airbnb like we did. Venice during the day is extremely crowded, most tourists stay across the canal on the mainland because it's cheaper and they take the water taxi in each day. If you stay on the actual island though, you'll feel like you have Venice all to yourself at night. It was amazing, the difference between day and night was huge. At night we felt like it was us, the locals, and a few other smart travelers. You can drink wine and wander the extremely confusing streets of Venice without a care in the world, especially since it's impossible to get too lost on an island. We spend most of our time eating, drinking and wandering around with no agenda, it was so relaxing and carefree. 

As I mentioned in my top 10 travel moments of 2016 post, my favorite part of Venice was St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco). We had breakfast there one morning and it was a memory I will never forget, and one of my favorite travel moments of all time. We ate at Caffè Florian, it is an indoor/outdoor restaurant that sits right in Piazza San Marco. You pay just to sit, but it's so worth it since that includes a front row seat to a live orchestra playing. The ambiance is everything you'd hope for in an Italian breakfast in the middle of a Piazza. You get to listen to the perfect music, sip on a cappuccino, and watch all the people and families wandering around the square. It's the most peaceful meal I have ever had. Well, I'm not sure you'd call my choice a meal, but it was so delicious. I had a plate of macarons and a cappuccino. If you are in Venice and are looking to indulge in dulce far niente, then this is the perfect way to do so. 

florian venice caffe.jpg
st marks square breakfast
eating macarons in st marks square

Another favorite memory from Venice was when my father in law and I fed/held the pigeons! We saw people in St. Marks Square feeding the pigeons and letting them land all over them, even their heads. It looked super scary but I also really wanted to do it, I figured heck it must be part of the Venice experience. A nice guy let us use some of his chips, we put them in our hands, held them out and within seconds a bunch of pigeons were landing on us, eating straight out of our hands. It was hilarious! Now, I'm pretty sure the Italians don't want us tourists doing this, but it was a ton of fun and honestly I'd totally recommend it. Sorry Venice locals!

pigeons in st marks square
st marks square

Naturally being the typical blogger, girly girl, tourist that I am... I had to take a trillion photos of the gondolas. They were so fun to watch floating down each canal. It probably killed the romance having some random girl staring at them and taking photos, but I didn't care, I just wanted all the great Venice gondola photos I could snag. We didn't actually do a gondola ride, it isn't high on my bucket list and we were with our father in law too, which would be somewhat awkward. I'll save that experience for when Nick and I go back to Venice alone on a romantic trip. 

venice gondola pic i phone.jpg

Pictured below is the famous Bridge of Sighs. It is not the bridge we are standing on in the photo, it's the bridge behind us. I loved hearing the history of this bridge while we were in Venice. Nick told me all about how the bridge got its name. It was the bridge that connected the prison with the interrogation rooms of Doge's Palace and once they were interrogated, convicts would pass over the bridge to then be imprisoned. It's called the Bridge of Sighs because the convicts would sigh as they crossed the bridge since the view was the last one they would see. I found this so interesting! I would have never known. 

venice italy bridge of sighs .jpg


Overall Venice was one of my favorite places in all of Italy. It is tied with Rome, but I love them each for such different reasons so they really can't fairly compete with each other. If you ever get the chance to tour Italy, I would recommend putting Venice on your itinerary. Like I mentioned before, we only stayed for three days and two nights and I wish we would have at least stayed a day longer. When we go back I'll make sure we stay longer, we just weren't anticipating how much we would love this city so we didn't know how long to book it for. Thanks for letting me share my Venice Italy experience with you, but remember like I said already, nothing I can say can paint a picture of how truly great it is there so make sure to visit it for yourself. Stay tuned for more travel posts, subscribe below with your email if you aren't already!!