Mommy Recovery Kit

My best friend is having her first baby, a little girl!! For the baby shower I knew she would get everything and more that she needs for her baby girl, Rylie! That is why I decided to do a gift for the mommy instead! 

I looked up ideas on Pinterest, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I saw something that was a "mom survival kit" ... It is like a mini version of what I did. It was a mason jar and had a few simple things in it, like Purell wipes, Ibuprofen, Tums, things like that... I liked the idea , so I ran with it, but did I it BIGGER and in my opinion... better!!! I wanted to get a jumbo sized mason jar!! I found one at Target that was about $14.00 and it is ONE GALLON!!! The largest mason jar I have ever seen. So adorable! Britt, the mommy to be, LOVES mason jars! So this was perfect, and she can use it in the nursery to hold baby things.  



To decorate the jumbo sized mason jar I put pink silky cloth at the bottom , and around the top i put a mint colored infant baby head band. you can find these head bands almost anywhere.  it was a perfect fit, made for a sweet decoration on the jar, and is also part of the gift! 



In the jar:






On some of the items i created and attached cute little sayings. They made the gift more personalized, fun and creative! Here are the ones I did! If you decide to make a diy mommy recovery kit, feel free to use these ideas! Try to give it your own creative spin too though, it's fun!! 

  • Purell wipes : "those messy moments"
  • Can of cold brew coffee: "sleepless night??"
  • Cliff bar: "meal on the go"
  • Dry shampoo: "on days when only the baby gets a bath"
  • DePuff eye pads for wrinkles: "for an early morning, after a long wipe the wrinkles away..."
  • Bath & body works shower gel: "mommy relax time!"

*Sorry for the horrible photo quality, this post was made before I bought my DSLR camera*

The tag pictured below is from the target "dollar spot"!!! my favorite place in target! I always peek in there and grab cute things when I see them. Stock up on that stufff! 


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below if you will be creating your own mommy recovery kit gift!