Coffee Gift Basket Idea

DIY Coffee Gift Basket! 

I love making presents personalized! 

My sister is a total Coffee lover! So I made her a coffee gift set! It includes a tote bag from Forever 21, Skinny brand coffee syrup, Starbucks Keurig cups, and personalized coffee cups that I decorated with lavender paint (because my sister loves purple)!

I put all of that in a cute tote box with tissue paper and decorative red paper filler shreds. The box, tissue paper and paper shreds I bought at the dollar tree for a buck each!! And they are Christmas colors so it gives it a festive feel! 

Here are all of the elements that went into putting together this Coffee Gift Basket. 

Tote Bag: from FOREVER 21 ! Says "I NEED COFFEE" 

Tissue paper, tote box & paper shreds: From the Dollar Tree

Mugs: I bought from the Goodwill , and used Target brand paint to decorate them! You could also use Sharpie Markers to decorate the mugs

Keurig Cups and Coffee Syrup: I purchased at TJ MAX , but any grocery store will carry them! Pick a flavor that matches the person you are gifting the basket to! 

** COMMENT BELOW with YOUR favorite holiday gift basket ideas!! **

xoxo- Danielle