Bridesmaids Gift Box : Gift idea for your bridesmaids

My husband and I got married last July (2014). It was so beautiful! I learned A LOT about planning a wedding and ALL that goes into it! Details, details, details! I truly enjoyed it though! I loved being the one planning my own wedding because it then had a very personal touch and had a lot of our character shown in everything! 

I had 6 Bridesmaids (including Maid of Honor). 6 is quite a lot, but I don't think too many! It is tradition to give your ladies a gift prior to the wedding. I did a girly gift box for each of them! It looked like this:

I filled each gift box with girly things that I knew each of them would enjoy! A personalized chalk labeled wine glass, a makeup bag, nail polish, a cute nail file, lip gloss, hand lotion, a bar of fancy body soap, body spray, adorable bags with smell good potpourri in it, jewelry for each girl to wear on the wedding day, etc. I made it so the box itself was personalized too, and also cute... something the ladies would want to use, maybe for storage or something. 

If you decide to do something like this for your bridesmaids, I would suggest a few things. First, add a combination of things they can use for the wedding, and add things that they will enjoy that have nothing to do with your wedding. For example, the nail polish colors I gave the ladies would match perfect with the wedding color scheme, and their dresses... but I told them they can choose to wear it or they can choose a color they'd love better! Also, I gave them each earrings and bracelets to wear during the wedding. All the other things in the gift box were just for their personal pleasure and had nothing to do with the wedding. I think that makes it something they can really appreciate and enjoy. 

I would also suggest making each gift box similar or the same. I put exactly the same amount of stuff in each box, the only difference was colors and scents of things. I gave my sister a pretty ring also because she was the Maid of Honor, and I think it's appropriate to gift them something more. 

Below I have pictured the DIY Chalkboard wine glass I put in each box! I fell in love with these!! They are affordable, simple, and personalized! Can't get any better than that! I bought these wine glasses from the Dollar Tree; I love them because the bowl on them is larger than usual! All you do is go to your local craft store and buy Chalkboard paint. Then dip the Stem into the paint, I dipped them 2 times for a thick coat (let it dry in between to prevent bubbles). I would let them dry by placing them on aluminum foil ( it doesn't stick). They turned out smooth and pretty! Then I bought colored chalk, wrote each girls name on the glass, tied together some chalk with a cute ribbon and added it all to the gift box! Like I said... SIMPLE!

They all seemed to love their gifts and use everything in the box!




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