Colorado Mama Gift Guide

One day I popped onto Instagram Stories to ask you ladies if you though a gift guide for Colorado girls/Colorado mamas would be something you’d find useful, and the response was great! I got DM’s of a ton of you ladies saying please do a gift guide like this! It’s pretty simple for me to do, being that I am a Colorado mama myself, I really just am creating a gift guide of things I would love to receive as a gift. I was getting Giulian ready for a walk one day and it made me think of all the things you really need as a mother in Colorado. Now, this gift guide really isn’t only for moms, it truly is for any woman in Colorado (some items aren’t even Colorado specific) but as a mom I find these items are things I need, want or just items that bring me joy.

1. Pampering - Massage, Manicure, Pedicure

The first thing on my list as a perfect gift is any type of pampering. I truly believe this will make any woman happy, but especially mothers. Many moms rarely take time for themselves and enjoy things like a massage, manicure or pedicure. I am one of those moms, I haven’t had a massage since I was pregnant, despite the fact that while training for my half marathon I totally could have used one. I haven’t had a manicure since being in one of my best friend’s weddings, despite the fact that my nails look crazy half the time. And Lord only knows when I got my last pedicure… those toes are not pretty my friend. I’m sure I’m not the only mom out there who is focused on working, cleaning and taking care of their kiddos and these luxuries just aren’t a priority, but gosh as a gift, they’re perfect. It forces a mom to take a break and enjoy time for herself (which is super important). So if you’re unsure what to get a mama friend in your life, I’d say this is your very best bet.

2. Winter Clothes

When walking babies in 40 degree weather becomes part of your weekly routine, warm gear is a necessity. Giulian and I are typically the most bundled people in the neighborhood, but I don’t want to be cold and I really don’t want my baby to be cold. Here are a few items from Bella Magari that are the perfect for staying warm and cozy this winter. The ear warmers make for the perfect stocking-stuffer, the vest is reversible and low in stock, so snag one now, and the cardigan is the coziest thing on earth (I live in mine).

3. Cuddly Blanket + Cozy Socks

When it’s cold in Colorado, comfort and cozy things to snuggle up with is key. We recently stayed at the Dove Inn in golden and they had this over-sized knit blanket, it was AMAZING! I’ve linked similar ones below, they’re expensive but honestly it’s worth it. They’ll last you years and years and they’re so warm, comfortable and a great item for your living room.

I also wore these wine not slipper socks while I was there and not gonna lie I was as comfy as it gets. I got these ones at Francesca’s a year ago, but I’ve linked similar ones that look wonderful. I’ve also linked UGG slipper socks that I want under my tree this year, they’re too cute!



Slipper Socks:

4. Balsam Candle

Okay, maybe not every woman is obsessed with the scent balsam like I am, but to me it’s the perfect winter scent. I literally have mine burning as I am typing this. It makes our whole house smell like fresh cut balsam fur trees (Christmas trees people!), it’s my favorite smell this time of year.


5. Mountain Necklace

This is the perfect gift for a Colorado girl! This necklace is a cutout of mountains, it’s dainty but makes a great statement about where you come from and what you love. You can grab one from my friends boutique, Shop Never Skip Brunch.


6. Journal or Planner

Depending on the type of woman you’re gifting to, either a journal or a planner might be a great gift! I’m currently loving the Start Today Journal from the Hollis Company! You write our goals and gratitude every day and it really sets you up for a productive, positive day. If this doesn’t sound like a fit, maybe a blank journal or a planner would be a great fit.


7. Winter Coat

Back to the topic of cold Colorado weather, a nice winter coat is a must, and if that winter coat happens to be super cute too that’s a total bonus! There are so many adorable coats out there, I’ve found a few of my favorites and have linked them below. Keep in mind, a nice winter coat is something most women will keep and wear for years, so to spend a bit more $ on it isn’t such a bad idea. Especially if it’s for a mama who is taking kiddos to the park or on walks on cold winter days. Keep that mama warm!

I hope this gift guide was helpful for you! Sometimes it can be so difficult to know what to get someone. I truly think you can find some great items for a special woman in your life from this post. Comment below if you’re a Colorado mama and I missed a mommy must have!!

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Christmas Party Inspiration

My absolute favorite aspect of Christmas time is the festivities. Spending extra time with friends and family over food and drinks, picking out cute outfits for all your holiday parties, wrapping your gifts for the ones you love, baking goodies, Christmas music...The list of fun things going on around the holidays goes on and on. My absolute favorite is the Christmas parties. There's something about gathering in the cozy comfort of a friend's home for a Christmas party that sets the tone for a wonderful night of laughs (and I mean the kind of laughing that leaves your cheeks sore) and tons of storytelling. It's always a good time when there's the Christmas ambiance in the house, yummy snacks and festive holiday drinks. 

This year I had the chance to hang out with some other Denver bloggers at a Christmas inspired networking event. I am always so grateful when I get the chance to make new friends in the blogging world. All of the Denver bloggers that I've met through the years have been wonderful, kind, and a ton of fun. I had met Hannah ( @littleleebook ) before, we first met at the blogger event I hosted last summer. It was so nice to see her again and get to catch up! That night was my first time meeting Bethan ( @sipswithstyle ) and Alex ( @FeelinHaute ). These amazing women are incredibly smart, outgoing, super fun to be around and of course have impecable style (see pictures below for holiday party outfit inspiration). 



Networking Shoot Christmas-11 18 17 Networking Shoot Christmas Edited-0049.jpg
Networking Shoot Christmas-11 18 17 Networking Shoot Christmas Edited-0025.jpg
Networking Shoot Christmas-11 18 17 Networking Shoot Christmas Edited-0026.jpg
Networking Shoot Christmas-11 18 17 Networking Shoot Christmas Edited-0013.jpg

I hope these photos inspire you to plan your own Christmas get-together. Even if it's a small gathering, getting the people you love together and making new friends is the best part of the holiday season. If you get inspired to plan a Christmas event, make sure to tag me in your photos so I can see everyone's fun this Christmas!

Thank you Katie Hutt ( @Katieleighhutt ) for being the photographer on this fun night and for putting this networking event together!  Also, thank you to the brands who took part in the networking event. Here is their info below! 

Cheese & Provisions: @cheeseandprovisions • Pearl Street Lights: @pearlstreetlights • Revo Sunglasses: @revo • Whiskey Barrel Coffee: @Whiskeybarrelcoffee

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Valentines Day Gift Guide: What To Get That Special Man In Your Life

As some of you know, Nick (my husband) and I have been together for 11+ years. We got married in July of 2014, but we started dating when we were about 14, the summer before high school started. By now, after 11 years of holidays together, I better be pretty decent at buying him gifts, and I like to think I am. I remember always saying things like "men are so hard to buy for" or " I just don't know what to get Nick". I would seriously get so frustrated trying to figure out gift ideas for him. I have put together this Valentines Day gift guide for men to help YOU in your gift shopping this year! I broke it down into several different "types" of men, because at the end of the day, all men like different stuff. My goal is for this post to help give you ideas and inspiration to make your man feel very loved and special this Valentines Day. 

| Click the images to shop the item |

| Use the arrows on the side to scroll through the full gift guide |


Gift ideas for your "travel-lover man" :

Scroll through using the arrows on the side.

The shirt displayed here is amazing for travel because it WILL NOT WRINKLE!!! Nick has been dying to get a ton of these shirts. They are extremely professional, but without the hassle of ironing. This gift guide also has some amazing travel bag ideas, sunglasses for those beach trips and of course a manly passport case. 


Gift ideas for your "business man"

This section is extremely easy for me, because this is my husband to a T. Your business man, just like mine, needs to be looking sharp. A new dress shirt is one of Nick's all time favorite gifts to receive. He loves the brand English Laundry, it's a tad pricey, but the quality is worth it (we know from experience). Each item below will help improve your business man's wardrobe.

Something else that can improve your man's wardrobe, and is an excellent and thoughtful gift... a new watch. MVMT Watches was kind enough to reach out to me and send us a watch for Nick. I was a little hesitant because Nick is picky about his watches!! He currently wears a gold Michael Kors watch everyday and he loves it. When we checked out MVMT's website, we were pleasantly surprised to see they had multiple watches that were exactly Nick's style. He's Italian and loves gold lol. When we received the watch in the mail, we were so impressed with the high quality case it came in. We travel a ton and the hard case will be perfect for keeping the watch safe while traveling. The watch itself is amazing, and I'd use words like luxury and high quality to describe it. It has more weight to it than his Michael Kors watch!! We are genuinely very impressed with this MVMT watch and 110% recommend it. And know this, even if a company sends us product, we will always give a honest review. So you can count on my word and reviews for an honest opinion on a product. If we don't like something, you will know it. 

Here are some photos of my man rocking his new watch. Thank you MVMT!

Gift ideas for your "mountain man" :

If your man is an outdoors lover, who has a beard and loves to cut down trees (lol kidding), then this is the gift guide for you!

Gift ideas for the "athlete" :

If your man is athletic, here are some gift ideas he will love! Workout gear and casual wear that he will be thrilled to own.

Gift ideas for the "romantic" :

I personally think Valentines Day is such a great opportunity to make someone feel special. There are sooo many romantic things you can do to surprise your special man. Here are a few ideas that I think would be romantic, but get creative, and make it personal to YOUR relationship. 

  • Breakfast in bed- Make their favorite breakfast meal and wake them up to it. Maybe make the pancakes into heart shapes, get creative. I found heart straws at Target and they will be perfect to put in a breakfast smoothie. I also found heart cookie cutters that I plan on using to make food items into hearts. Make it special.
  • Dinner- Cook his favorite meal. Maybe surprise him with an expensive steak dinner, whatever your man loves. Get a bottle of wine and light a candle. Who says women can't be romantic too. 
  • Surprise Reservations- Call up his FAVORITE restaurant and make reservations. Surprise him. 
  • Lingerie- For the married couples of course. I know when I surprise Nick with lingerie it just makes him feel special and loved. Ladies, get out of your comfort zone to show your man you love him. 
  • Couples Spa Day- This is a gift for the both of you. Sweet and romantic. ONLY if your man likes this sort of stuff. Nick doesn't, so I would not be selfish and book it because I wanted a spa day lol, remember it's about making your spouse feel special. 
  • Boudoir Photo Book- Once again for the married couples. I made Nick one for our wedding day. He was shocked! It is something they will cherish forever. If you don't know what a boudoir photo is, Google it haha. 
  • Book an adventure- Travel and adventures create so many amazing memories. Book a day getaway, or a weekend getaway. Go out of state, out of country or stay a night in your local big city. 
  • Make Dessert- Bake for him. Make his favorite dessert, maybe something you know he loves but you have never made before. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps you in your Valentines Day gift giving this year. Comment below with your favorite gift ideas for Valentines Day!